Web Design For Family Lawyers-25 Best Designs

Family law is as competitive as it gets. Usually, in family law, there are a lot of personal feelings involved, which cause a lot of problems. Creating a customer- centric website is therefore extremely important.

In this blog, learn about the 25 best family law websites in the U.S. Further into the article, you will be able to see different ways that you can make your law firm website stand out from the rest and increase your website visitors.

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25 Best Family Law Firms

Listed below are the best family law websites seen in the U.S.

Also listed is why and how these websites stand out from other websites.

1. Ylaw Group


Ylaw Group’s family law website design stands out from the rest. 

They have catchy images and taglines that would impress a website visitor into being a potential client. Their website is informative and fulfills the user’s search intent.

Not only this but The Ylaw Group website is straightforward to access and go around on. To keep the users engaged, you need a catchy yet simple website so visitors can easily find whatever they are looking for.

2. Charles Willmott


As you can see from the image, the light blue color scheme catches your eye instantly. It is soft and mellow.

Not only this, but they have board-certified family lawyers and case studies that help potential clients gain trust and make them likely to reach out

3. Branch Law Firm


On this website, if you scroll down, you can find all the services they provide. For a good website, you must ensure that your website visitor doesn’t have to spend too much time simply looking for what services they want.

4. Denver Family Lawyers


Again, they have clearly displayed the services they offer, making it easier to find a lawyer for a prospective client.

The first impression of your site should be visually appealing for visitors to get new clients.

5. Bishop Law Offices


This website design provides valuable information about what kinds of lawyers they have and what legal matters they would address.

They have covered all essential aspects of making a good website design, including a short description of their firm, contact forms, client testimonials, and much more.

 Most importantly, they have a “request for an initial consultation” available prominently on the first page. Clicking on this will take them to a landing page which could help bring in potential clients.

6. Modern Law


At first glance, you can see that it’s a firm run by a majority of women. This shows initiative and will help attract potential clients looking for women who can understand their position better.

Not only this, but the website looks well-made, sleek, and has a corporate look. 

7. The Lincoln Law Firm


This website, more than anything, gives emotional support right on the first page, which is essential when it comes to family law.

They have a “contact us” option, which takes you directly to their landing pages and helps increase visibility.

8. Women’s Divorce And Family Law Group


The home page has a good color combination and shows helpful resources that can help in digital marketing.

Not only this, but because this firm focuses on women’s divorce, clients are likely to reach out as they tend to focus on a specific issue.

9. Maclean Law


For their website design, they have created a video for their website design that is played on repeat when you first open their website. 

These engaging videos can help catch the attention of the website visitor and, in just a few words, market their brand.

10. Jones Divorce And Family Law


A strong tagline like this one helps bring in potential clients as it encourages clients to find out how your firm stands out from the rest.

Strong calls to action are critical to convert visitors into leads.

11. Arami Law


12. Heather Robertson Law


13. Cedeno Law Group



14. Morris-Sockle


The writing and the message have very good visibility on the screen. It has a mixture of bright and soft colors, which help ease the eye.


15. Hendershot Cowart P.C.


16. Hance Law Group



17. Grand Rapids Family Lawyer


18. Cynthia Tracy


19. Laura Dale & Associates


The background is very catchy and attractive.

 It gives a very professional and corporate statement while keeping it mellow and welcoming for the target audience.

20. Julyan Law Firm


This image used as the homepage is very catchy and attracts clients. You can efficiently market your practice areas by just putting up a picture that resonates with your target audience.

21. Melanie J Bowbell


The colors are soft and simple. It has great colors and is very pleasing to the eye..

22. Stanchieri Family Law


Not too colorful and does not have too much design. It is simple and makes a good statement.

23. Vogel Verjee


The overall website doesn’t look too full or overcrowded, which is an excellent way to go about it.

Writing in explicit and extensive texts catches the eye and makes an authoritative statement.

24. The Mandel Law Firm


The colors, while not too bright, are settling for the eyes.

A video that talks a bit about your family law firm and family law attorneys are very important. Some clients prefer looking at videos to reading everything.

25. Myres & Associates


This website design doesn’t have many technicalities to it, but sometimes the users fancy a more straightforward, user-friendly website.

You can easily find what you’re looking for, and by adding quality content, you can market your family law practice.

Tips For Creating An Exceptional Website

Earlier, you learned about the best family law websites. Below you can learn more about what you can do to better your family law website for prospective clients.

There are 9 different ways this can be done:

1.Create A Unique Web Design

First and foremost, the most critical aspect of creating a web design for your family law website is to show that you care.

Going through something as complicated as family law matters, you need affirmation that the family law attorneys you are contacting are empathetic and available.

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2. Search Engine Optimization For Your Family Law Website

SEO is basically using keywords in your blog or other content that you put up on your law firm website so that other clients can find you when they put specific keywords in the search engines. 

Check out our blog on family law advertising to know more about how to market your law firm.

Examples of this can be:

  1. “child custody site in the U.S.”
  2. “family law attorney”
  3. “site for spousal support”
  4. “property division between same-sex couples”

When creating family law websites, you need to develop a good SEO strategy that you stick to in order to get the output you want.

While digital marketing for your family law firm can’t be the same as SEO for immigration attorneys, it can still help in determining how to better your SEO.

This will help bring organic traffic to your site and help you reach your business goals.

3.Create Valuable Content

You should create eye-catching and informative content for the readers or potential clients by addressing legal topics and legal matters about family law cases.

Putting good content on a new website is vital in attorney websites. Your practice areas and services that you offer should be clearly mentioned, and your family law website should be interactive and open to queries.

The best way to go about this is to hire an expert team that could help build a site that is user-friendly. Book a free consultation with A & F Legal Marketing. Our services include Web designing, Content marketing, SEO, and more.

4.Use Images To Increase Website Visitors

Use images on your family law website that represents your firm. How well your law firm site is created, the colors used, and the images used make a huge impression on clients.

How your family law website design looks changes the face of your law firm entirely.

5.Feedback From Website Visitors

Family law can be complicated, so it is absolutely essential to get feedback about how informative and interactive your family law websites are.

You should consider what the user wants and prioritize their experience before yours. They shouldn’t have to wait for pages to load, your website traffic should be kept in check, and the interface should be eye catchy.

6.Generate Leads – List Your Services

Your website design should include features that other law firms lack.

For example, you should have chat features so people can instantly reach out and chat with your team or your family lawyers.

You should have contact forms throughout your law firm site so clients can sign up whenever they feel comfortable.

Lastly, the results from your law firm site should be measured often. Based on these results, you can make your site more user-friendly.

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7.Make It About Them, Not Yourself

Family law firms should generally be about your client and less about yourself.

Family law matters tend to get personal, so your site should be about making them comfortable and welcomed instead of being about you.

8.Highlight And Support Powerful Causes

Many law firms have specific practice areas and don’t support same-sex marriages, etcetera.

To ensure that your law firm stands out from the rest, your site should clearly show that it supports important causes like the LGBTQ+ community.

9.Address Common Questions

Your site should have a family lawyer that can address all queries and questions of the clients.

These questions can be anything carrying, from property division to same-sex couples, to child custody, etc


To conclude, building your site can be difficult, but following these steps can quickly create an engaging and interactive website that brings in organic traffic.

Keeping a good family lawyer at your contact beck and call to give a free consultation to your clients.

Book a free consultation with A & F Legal Marketing. Our services include Web designing, Content marketing, SEO, and more.