6 Strategies For Criminal Defense Attorney Advertising

Like any other law firm, your marketing strategy is everything to spread the word about your law firm.

Criminal defense is a very hectic field of law and can be one of the most competitive. Therefore, it is essential to market it properly.

What Is Digital Criminal Defense Law Firm Advertising?

Criminal law mainly deals with any kind of offense that breaks the law. Any such activity is classified as “illegal.”

Every law firm is different, and every law firm requires a different set of rules for it to run smoothly and get prospective clients; it needs to be appropriately strategized.

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Why Is Marketing For Criminal Defense Lawyers Essential?

When it comes to spreading the word, relying only on word of mouth is not the best method for expanding your criminal defense practice.

In order to do effective marketing for your law firm, you need to come up with a good marketing strategy with reasonable marketing efforts.

You need to specify the practice areas you are willing to work with to reach your target audience.

Reach millions of people just by advertising your marketing efforts online for the world to review. This increases your potential client ratio significantly.

Criminal Defense Law Firms Digital Marketing Strategy

In a world like today, it is crucial that you have an attorney website to help better spread the word.

There are 6 different strategies that you, as a criminal defense law firm, need to implement to get more potential clients and increase brand awareness.

The strategies are listed below:

1. Create And Build Your Own Criminal Defense Brand

Entering any industry, you get a lot of competition. One of the major ones are national criminal defense firms operating in your geo-location.

You need to create a brand around awareness to compete with the millions of brands out there.

First and foremost, you need to allocate your marketing budget. Once that’s done, build a brand that aligns with the mission statement of your law firm.

Create a brand by keeping your potential clients and previous clients in mind, leveraging data to predict client trends is the smartest way to market your firm effectively.

Consistency and connection with your clients are critical to run a successful law firm. You should be able to market what differentiates you from other criminal defense attorneys.

Law cases can get very complicated and heartfelt sometimes. At this time, giving a cold shoulder may not be in the client’s best interest.

Understanding when they need emotional help and sympathizing with them and when they require your professional legal services is essential in order for potential clients to gain your trust before they confide in you.

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2. Maximize Your Local SEO For Defense Attorneys

Your search engine optimization revolves around keywords to target for your law firm website to become more visible to potential clients.

Since the current generation relies significantly on social media platforms and doing their research before approaching a party, your SEO efforts reflect a lot on how many new clients are coming in.

If you have high-quality content, you are likely rank higher on google search results.

A significant part of your digital marketing strategy is optimising your local SEO to rank higher on the search engine results pages. Being able to make it on the first page in google search results and other search engines helps bring in prospective clients.

When you maximize your SEO and efficiently use your keywords for your target audience, more clients that want a defense lawyer in a specific practice area can reach out to you. 

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You need to make sure that your website uses keywords that can be used in the clients’ queries. These can be the following based on your geo-location:

  1. “DUI lawyers in New York”
  2. “how much does a criminal lawyer cost in the US?”
  3. “criminal defense law in California”
  4. “criminal attorney near me”

Constantly targeting your keywords according to what’s “in” and what your customers need, and planning your marketing strategies beforehand can help outrank competitors. 

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3. Pay-Per-Click Google Ads For Criminal Defense Advertising

Pay-per-click google ads are when you give google an ad to play. Every time someone clicks on that ad and is redirected to your landing page, you have to pay Google. This is the same process as any other advertisement platform.

Undoubtedly, it helps you increase your prospective clients and spread the word about your criminal law practice or any other practice area.

So, if, for example, a client searches criminal defense lawyers on google, a couple of lawyers will show up at the top of the page who have paid to put that ad there. Prospective clients have easy access to this and find it easier to hire one of them rather than researching more.

However, it is not the most cost-effective method. When planning your marketing strategies, you should consider how much of your marketing budget is going into Google Ads.

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4. Social Media Presence For Defense Lawyers

Your advertising efforts are everything.

In contemporary times, everything is done over the internet and mostly over social media. The lesser it is available on social media to be reached out to, the lesser its value. Therefore, social media marketing is vital.

Many people in today’s time hear about your law firm through social media. They either see an ad, or they see a post, or someone tags someone in the law firm’s post, and the word starts spreading.

They can ask questions and discuss different aspects, and from digitally marketing your law firm appropriately, you have a greater chance to close in more clients.

Engaging with them on a more personal level and talking to them on a less professional level gives them more confidence in you and helps when they want to choose between law firms.

Your social media account should be well able to display your criminal defense practice for your new clients.

Maintaining a social media account can be hectic sometimes, but being in the loop and constantly posting to catch someone’s eye is very beneficial to your criminal defense attorneys.

You must decide which social media platform best helps you reach your target audience and maintain that.

Share engaging and lively content that people tend to respond well to. 

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5. Website Design And Templates For Criminal Defense Attorney

Like any other field, you must ensure your website is well-built for your criminal defense law firm.

Your website should be inviting and engaging enough for those who want to avail your legal services.

Criminal defense can get very emotional, and when your criminal defense clients seek your help, you should be readily available to help them out.

Your website should be informative and well-constructed so that people find it easier to reach you. It should represent your criminal defense lawyers in such a way that it is easier for prospective clients to find your google business profile.

Finding a suitable template for your website is also very important. Creating a template that can represent your firm. Every time someone sees that template, they can easily tell that it is your criminal defense firm.

Also, to maximize your criminal defense marketing, you must ensure that your law firm’s website is interactive. Having technical issues can cause a significant decrease in your website visitors.

6. Content Marketing For Criminal Defense Attorneys

Creating the right website is essential but how well you put your content is how you get more potential clients.

You must write informative blogs about your practice areas, an ‘about us’ section for your criminal defense attorneys and their criminal cases.

Every time you put up a blog with the relevant keywords, your website gets higher rankings on google.

Your blog posts should contain information your clients would be looking for. They should be engaging to keep the readers present and informative.

Your aim should be to help them find what they are looking for so they can reach out to your criminal defense firm again when they want information on something.

Your blog post doesn’t necessarily need to be fancy with big words and confusing language. It needs to be easy to access, read and understand.

You need to post blogs often and ensure they address the potential clients’ different queries and frequently asked questions. 

Email marketing for law firms is another market strategy that could be leveraged to bring in more clients. 


Is It Essential To Do SEO For My Criminal Defense Law Firms?

Since criminal defense law firms are very competitive in nature, it can be challenging to get criminal defense clients without proper marketing efforts.

Your criminal defense law firm needs to stand out from other criminal defense firms to rank higher on the search engine. Therefore, SEO is an integral part of digital marketing.

How Can You Digitally Market Your Law Firm?

Your overall brand representation dramatically affects the number of people that stay on your website and look for more information.

A welcoming website that is engaging, interactive, and informative is key to getting more positive online reviews.

You can devise a marketing strategy with a law firm marketing team or a legal marketing agency and stick to it.

How To Budget My Digital Marketing?

When you create a brand, you have several different aspects of it that need to be covered.

Before you do anything, you need to decide how much you want to spend on marketing your brand, which is one of the most essential.

From this budget, you need to decide how much you can actively spend on digital marketing, while the rest will do for any other kinds of marketing campaigns.


To conclude, digital marketing is very essential to spread the word about your law firm. To market your criminal defense lawyer well, you should do the following things:

  1. Create And Build Your Own Brand
  2. Maximize Your Local SEO
  3. Pay-Per-Click Ads
  4. Social Media Presence
  5. Website Design And Templates
  6. Content Marketing