Law Firm Email Marketing

In the world today, online marketing by creating a law firm website is becoming crucial for your marketing efforts.

Email marketing helps you reach a larger target audience and attracts new clients. This acts as a constant contact between the potential clients and the law firm’s management.

In this article, you can see a couple of reasons why law firms should do email marketing and different strategies for how law firms can do better email marketing.

What Is Law Firm Email Marketing?

Marketing your law firm can sometimes be challenging. Finding the right platform to sell your law firm and bring in leads and more clients is not something all firms can do.

Because of the immense competition out there, you must use email marketing for your law firm to spread the word and bring in prospective clients.

You can stay at the top of your game by collecting email addresses and making a valuable contact list. You can bring in potential clients and drive traffic to your website.

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Why Should Law Firms Do Email Marketing?

Email marketing campaigns can be beneficial in spreading the name of your law firm. Even if you don’t get thousands of replies, the hundreds of replies you get can significantly increase your returns.

Updating your existing clients, future clients, and the local community by sending out marketing emails is essential for your law firm to grow.

A couple of the reasons are mentioned below.

  1. To Show Your Legal Expertise

First and foremost, you need to be able to show your prospective clients what legal services you are providing.

Potential clients always want to see why they should pick your law firm over others. The best way to do this is to provide them with this information beforehand, so they make an informed decision.

  1. Cost-Effective

An email marketing strategy is based on how well you can create your contact list and how well you can send emails. It depends significantly less on how much of your marketing budget is put into this.

Therefore, it isn’t costly and easily doable for any law firm, even a start-up. All you need are email subscribers, and your email marketing becomes relatively easy.

  1. Marketing Strategy

Since email marketing acts as another platform to spread the word about your law firm, it can help you reach a higher level of competition.

You can send unlimited emails with valuable content and get feedback from past and new clients.

  1. Free Consultation

Finally, give free initial consultations to establish credibility with prospective clients.

Free consultations can help get positive feedback and reviews, which helps reach your target audience and other legal clients.

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Strategies For Law Firm Email Marketing

In any law firm’s marketing strategy, you need to find what works best for your firm.

A few ideas to incorporate into your law firm email marketing plan can be seen below.

Plan Strategically

When you begin your email marketing campaign, you must plan it out strategically. This is a mistake that is made very often. Thinking that you can send out an email whenever it feels necessary or convenient is not professional.

You have to plan when you want to send out what email. You should send automated emails whereby you send out a generic email to all your email recipients on your contacts list. These emails are usually informative.

You should also send out personalized emails. This is when, for example, one of your customers has a birthday. Research shows that sending personalized emails to wish them on this day tends to go a long way.

You will likely get a higher rank in the legal industry when you make efforts like this, which helps build your firm’s name.

Personalize Your Emails

When you want to keep your clientele happy and content with you, it is essential for you to send emails that are on a more personal level.

Adding friendly or direct subject lines to your email helps attract past clients and new ones.

Manage Your Contacts

By putting in a lead magnet, you can help get contact details that could be further used to increase your contacts. A lead magnet is when you give out a free consultation or service that helps you gain contact details in exchange. 

Reliable and User-friendly

The platform you use must be friendly and easy for the recipients to view.

Moreover, your emails should have an “unsub” button at the end of every email, which gives them the option to opt-out but try and keep your emails attractive and precise so that they don’t feel the need to do so.


Your email marketing service should be compatible with all devices, whether it’s a tab, an iPad, a laptop, or a mobile phone.

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How To Choose An Email Marketing Service For Law Firms?

Choosing an email marketing service is part of your marketing strategy. The benefits you want to avail yourself of from email marketing should fit all your demands and have well-tested email marketing tools.

These demands plan out how your email marketing platform will look like.

When choosing an email software, keep these in mind.

Marketing Automation or Email Automation

Any email marketing service you subscribe to should have the option to send automated emails.

As the name suggests, an automated email is a feature whereby you can plan when your already-written emails will be sent out.

It is essential to ensure the email marketing software you use has this feature.

This way, if you want an email sent out early in the morning, you can schedule it before you sleep and send it during office hours.

Unlimited Email

For any email marketing campaign, multiple emails must be sent out.

Any email marketing platform restricting you from sending out multiple emails throughout the campaign is not beneficial for you and, therefore, shall not be used.

Most law firms use an email marketing software that offers an option to send out unlimited emails in their plan.

Email templates

To make better email marketing efforts, it is vital that you decide on one specific template that represents your law firm. All law firms tend to have a unique design specific to their law firm.

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How To Build An Email List For A Law Firm?

Building an email list can be a hassle. You might have some email addresses, but you must scout for new ones after a while.

Your email campaign won’t be effective, and your quality content will be completely irrelevant if you won’t have enough engaging emails to send.

You have to collect email addresses from various places to create your list. You can also collect them from a lead magnet on your law firm’s website.

The more emails, the better the marketing.

Design Your Email Template

Once you choose which email service you will use to send out your emails, you need to decide on a specific template for your firm.

You can’t have multiple templates that you use as per convenience; instead, you need to have only one template that looks professional and that everyone knows represents your firm.

This way, whenever someone sees an email from your firm, they can tell it is your law firm at the first glance.

Once you decide on this, send out a welcome email. This email should be a general description of your law firm’s services and should be engaging.

The welcome email, as the name suggests, is so that you can introduce your law firm to everyone so they can understand what your law firm has to offer.

It should catch the reader’s attention so any prospective client can subscribe to your page. It should also consist of a sign-up form so that anyone who wants to avail of your services can do so easily.

Quality Content

It is essential to keep emails and articles brief because the new generation is constantly under time constraints and has the propensity to skim over them. Moreover, make your emails mobile-friendly since most people use their mobile devices to open these emails.

Your emails should be eye-catching and focused on getting your message across, usually focused on law firm email marketing.

Try to keep your emails short and have quality content that should not be repetitive. This is essential to ensure your email doesn’t end up in the spam folder. You need to create content that is worthy of their reading.

Create A Landing Page

In the simplest of terms, a landing page is when you get redirected to the website to gain further information.

Because emails are said to be kept short so that the people of today actually read them; therefore it is essential that we insert a link to a landing page at the end.

If people want to learn further about what more your law firm has to offer, they can click on the link and quickly get more information. This will help increase your website visitors with healthy and organic traffic.

You should also put your contact details on this page for your potential customers to reach out easily. 

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Measure Your Results

The world is changing every day. New ideas are being introduced, trends are changing daily, and the “in” things vary seasonally.

You need to measure the return and positive feedback you get on the emails you send to your law firms. The two ways to correctly measure are by open rates and click-through rates. 

Open rate is how many individuals opened your emails. The number of people determines how many people you are reaching.

While this may not be the correct way to count these since many people just open it but don’t read it, this isn’t the case with the click-through rate. In this, you determine how many people actually clicked on the link that led to the web page.

This is an accurate way because with this, at least, you can determine how many people were interested in your content.

If they click on the “see more” or “click here for more,” then they are particularly interested in what you have to say.

Calculating how many people opened your email, how much your open rate was, and how many clicked on the landing page link is critical. 

An accurate count can help you determine how often and what you need to change in your content to run your law firm email marketing campaigns smoothly. You will also be able to see what they respond well to and what they don’t respond to at all.


To conclude, the basics for law firm email marketing remain the same, but how you use these law firm email marketing services in order to make your email marketing strategies is what needs work and time.

Some of these strategies can be:

1. Plan your campaigns strategically

2. Choose your email marketing platform by making an informed decision

3. Build your email list

4. Design your template

5. Write quality content

6. Create a landing page

7. Measure your results