Link Building For Law Firms – Complete Guide

Link building is essential for any law firm in contemporary times.

In the following blog, you will learn what link-building for law firms is, why link-building is essential, and different strategies to properly build a link for your law firm.

You will also learn the difference between black hat link building and white hat link building.

What Is Link Building For Law Firms?

Link building for your website is just as important as any other aspect of creating a good website.

Just like keywords are used to maximize your reach (search engine optimization), getting high-quality links from reputable websites helps spread the word about your website and plays a substantial part in ranking your website on the first page for a keyword.

Building links can be difficult, but to gain high-quality backlinks, you can do the following:

  1. Social media sites
  2. Guest posts
  3. Natural links
  4. Using your competitors’ backlinks

When doing link building, there are certain factors that law firms need to consider.

Some of these factors can be the following:

1. Authority of the Site

A good link-building strategy can include using websites with higher domain authority rather than low-quality links.

Using relevant websites and reputable directories that can help boost your website ranking is very important.

This is precisely why buying 100s of cheap backlinks from any freelance website is a bad idea.

2. Relevance of the site

Having your name on a blog post at a helpful website is important. However, it is essential that the website is in the same niche as you or is relevant to your practice areas.

For instance, getting a link from a top zoo directory for a law firm is of no use. Subsequently,  getting a backlink from a local law journal might be more suitable.

3. Quality of Content

While you aim to link with as many websites as possible, linking your brand to a spammy irrelevant webpage might negatively affect your SEO rather than positively.

A good tip for law firm link-building is making high-quality backlinks by doing link-building campaigns and featuring in their blog post to increase your search rankings.

4. Profile of Links You Have

While creating a good link profile is essential, you must also find good paid directories.

Featuring in free directories is vital, but you have to find guest posting opportunities in the local community as well as internationally to reach your target audience.

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Why Is Link Building Important For a Law Firm’s Website?

You must build links to form a reputable firm in a competitive market and rank on keywords that could organically bring millions of dollars in revenue.

Mentioned above are some of the link-building tactics to help boost your search engine rankings.

More backlinks with more law firm websites and other website owners who have the most topically relevant article will help in

  1. Boosting referral traffic
  2. Increasing search engine ranking score
  3. Guest posting opportunities
  4. Increasing domain authority
  5. Attract links
  6. Increased rankings in Google search engines and other search results

All of these things help boost your search engine optimization, which allows you to rank better in your search engine results pages, whether it is your SEO for immigration lawyers or SEO for family law

However, there are also some things that you absolutely shouldn’t do when link-building. The things you should not do are:

  1. You shouldn’t have any spam links pointing to your website or on your website.
  2. Get your name in low-quality links or pay to get your website in no follow links.
  3. Leave your links in the comment section of any other websites.
  4. When posting someone else’s content, ensure it aligns with your website’s topics and doesn’t contradict it.

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Link Building Strategy For Law Firms

You can use different strategies when building links for your law firm. Listed below are 8 strategies that are essential for you when you want to build links and grow your firm.

1. Blog Posts

Blog posts are essential when it comes to creating link-building strategies.

If the content in your blog is good, websites may want to link the blog to their website. 

Websites mention blogs to create a natural link profile with a law firm website and to provide their visitors with knowledge on specific topics.

This helps bring organic traffic to your website and spreads the word about your law firm leading to more clients.

It is essential to know what to include in your blogs and how to optimize them to rank better. 

You should only post relevant content and try to answer as many queries as you can of your targeted audience.

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2. Guest Posts

A guest post is when you write a blog for other websites and put in your law firm’s link so they can easily find and reach you.

Finding a linking website can sometimes be challenging, but once you do, it gets easier to find guest post opportunities more often.

While starting off, approaching a website with a similar domain authority is better because they are easier to collaborate with. Eventually, finding a higher domain will always be good exposure. 

You get access to new and higher-level clients when you accept to put your posts on other sites by linking to your law firm’s website, which helps bring in traffic.

However, scrutinize the website when creating links with anyone or posting guest posts. 

Ensure that you thoroughly research there is no shady information or unethical blogs on the website to protect your brand identity.

Different sites for guest posting can be:

  1. The Legal Intelligencer
  2. Law and Crime
  3. Above the Law

3. Reputable Legal Directories

As discussed before, law firm link-building can get tricky.

The smart way to go about this is to study the legal directory before linking your law firm to theirs on their web pages.

You should only create high-quality links that help better your link-building strategies and find good websites link.

Different sites for reputable directories:

  1. Pegasus
  2. Jayde
  3. So Much

4. Local Business Directories

To market your law firm, you have to explore multiple options, which include inbound links, links with law schools, and other paid links.

You should also use local directories, which help improve your law firm’s SEO.

Your law firms link building strategy can also include linking with a law school which will increase your search engine ranking.

Different sites for local directories:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Yelp
  4. Merchant Circle

5. Free Directories

Law firms can benefit significantly from these directories, especially if they want to improve their link-building strategy.

You can link your local directories to your directories and find the same practice areas or same geo-location areas.

Different sites for getting these directories can be:

  1. Find Law
  2. Avvo
  3. Justia

6. Public Relations (PR)

The last strategy that can be used for link building is improving your public relations.

When companies have an interview with a potential client or receive “PR packages” for branding their firm, they post them on their social media.

Putting up posts and stories like this help in spreading the word about your firm and helps bring in a lot of clients.

You can also send these PR packages to social media influencers who post a certain number of stories for your brand and helps get your website visitors.

7. Answer FAQs

Your blog post, or your website, should have a FAQ section. This is also commonly known as the frequently asked questions.

These are the questions that you know the clients will look for, and you have answered these questions on your website, all the while properly using your law firm SEO will help direct traffic to your website.

Not only this, but if you have answered their questions correctly, they will tend to turn to your site for future references, and they will likely hire you,

Again, your answers should be informative and to the point, keep it short and engaging. Make sure you get your point across and help them.

8. Niche Edits

Niche edits are when you create content and reach out to different websites so they can put up your blogs or other content.

You can get multiple sites to help you in displaying your content. This helps in creating backlinks significantly. However, making these links can also sometimes cost you.

So, if you’re asking a website to display your content, they can ask for money to provide you with this service.

 So you need to budget appropriately and decide how many firms you can fit into your digital marketing plan.

  In fact, according to sources, 46% of all companies put up to $10,000 to improve their SEO.

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Black Hat Vs. White Hat Link Building For Law Firms

To correctly and efficiently do link building, it is essential to know the difference between black hat link building and white hat link building.

1. Black Hat Link Building

Black hat link building is when you use all possible linking techniques to make a name for your law firm.

This can range from paid links to spammy links to using too many keywords to plagiarizing someone else’s content.

The black hat technique is used to increase brand traffic quickly. However, it is unstainable in a longer run and might badly affect your website and brand name.

2. White Hat Link Building

As opposed to the black hat, the white hat is much calmer and more composed.

It uses the proper techniques, and while it takes a while to build the firm from the ground up, it has substantial ground when it does.

It is strategically planned, and a proper technique is followed rather than just throwing in whatever is an option to increase traffic quickly.

Google’s webmaster trends analyst is working on creating a grey hat link building whereby you can reach a middle ground for both the black hat and the white hat.

However, planning strategically helps you get organic growth in the longer run and helps build your law firm better; therefore, the white hat link-building strategy is a much better way to go about it.

There are two ways you can easily measure your white hat link building. These are Moz’s Domain Authority and Ahrefs’ Doman Rating.

Domain authority is a rating between 0 and 100 that estimates how well your website is doing. The higher the website’s authority, the easier it is to rank on keywords. 

This can help you find websites to link with that are authorized and legit. 

Both of these ratings, Moz’s Doman Authority as well as Ahrefs’ Domain Rating, help you find the right website to attach yourself to and link yourself to. 


When creating an SEO strategy, incorporating a link-building technique is equally essential.

Ranking higher on the results page and creating good backlinks are vital in making your law firm known.

The given strategies are beneficial in trying to better your link-building strategies.

Different strategies for link building can include:

  1. Blogging
  2. Guest posting
  3. Reputable legal directories
  4. Local Directories
  5. Free Directories
  6. Public relations (PR)
  7. Answer FAQs
  8. Niche Edits

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