9 Solo Law Firm Marketing Strategies and Tips-2023

Marketing a law firm in itself can sometimes be challenging.

It takes a lot of time and effort to develop a good marketing strategy that benefits the law firm and is cost-effective.

Legal marketing gives a competitive edge, in general. You are advised to hire an in-house marketing manager or a legal marketing agency to build a foundation for a good sustainable business.

In the following article, learn what solo marketing is and why it is essential for solo attorneys to market their firms. Additionally, get 9 different strategies to market your solo firm properly.

What Is Solo Law Firm Marketing?

A solo attorney is a lawyer who prefers to work independently and carry out their own practice.

Solo law firms heavily rely on referrals and word of mouth to get new clients. However, investing in digital marketing for your law firm to expand your practice is essential in the 21st century.

Like every other law firm, it is essential for boutique or solo law firms to create a functional website where people can learn more about them and reach out to avail services.

For independent practices, sometimes the phrase “less is more” comes in handy. You have to create a powerful website, which doesn’t mean it has to be a big website with too many features, but just that it fulfils all the requirements.

Why Is It Essential For Solo Attorneys to Market Their Law Firms?

When you work in the legal industry, you must understand which moves are essential for your business development and how well your marketing strategy and efforts reflect on your practice.

As marketing your law firm is a full-time job, you must work on it extensively to achieve your full potential or hire a marketing manager.

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9 Different Strategies For Solo Law Firm Marketing

Developing a marketing strategy is challenging, especially when starting your solo law firm. 

For each practice area, the marketing strategy might differ. For instance, marketing for an immigration law firm differs from marketing for a family law or a criminal defense law firm.

Do not worry!

Below are 9 strategies that can help your firm create the perfect marketing strategy.

1. Creating An Effective Website

Creating an effective website is essential to starting a law firm. 

This website is not just another itinerary step that you just need to tick off your list. It is to bring in more website visitors and is a foundation of your marketing strategy.

When your law firm has a website, new clients find it easier to reach out to your law firm’s website or the attorney running it.

This has proven to be one of the best marketing tactics and significantly helps build your legal practice.

Also, potential clients visit your website to get information about your law firm’s services. 

Your website should highlight your law firm’s services and have positive online reviews to establish credibility. 

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2. Search Engine Optimization

When potential clients search online for law firms that they could hire, they search up local keywords like “family law firms near me,” “family attorney,” and “personal injury attorneys in Texas.’’ based on their geo-location.

If you want your website to pop up when they search this, you need to use keywords they are likely to search for and generate leads.

SEO is essential for your website to be on the first results page. 

Therefore, you must invest in hiring a legal marketing agency or learn how to do SEO.

The key to a successful SEO is patience. While SEO results are extremely promising, they may take time to bring in clients and show their results, but it is crucial for your firm’s development.

3. Social Media Accounts

Your online social media presence significantly affects how well you market your law firm.

Marketing your brand online is part of promoting and finding new clients for any business.

Solo attorneys can take help from legal marketing experts and search for different marketing strategies to improve their attorney’s social media platforms.

Just as legal marketing experts would say, online marketing is key to branding your law firm, especially small firms. Many law firms, if not all, leverage social media to spread the name of their brand or themselves, the attorney.

Also, social media acts as a bridge between the attorney and the client. They can ask you any questions and raise any concerns that they may have.

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4. Email Marketing

While SEO may take time to show its results, email marketing for law firms is known to generate leads with a faster turnaround time.

With email marketing, you can gather a client list by getting their contact information. This can be done by doing a small free service or incentive to which everyone can give their emails and subscribe.

You can run a campaign on your brand and send out emails to clients, updating them with important news about your firm and replying to their queries.

How well you prepare this email and how often you send one out to keep your customers engaged is vital.

Your emails should be informative, but the campaign’s primary goal should be to direct readers to your landing page.

Email marketing is less expensive compared to other methods. You can quickly build a good client list with active participants and send out an email regarding your firm three or four times a week, maybe even more, depending on your campaign and business strategy.

5. Pay-Per-Click Ads

Another way to get website visitors is by paying paid ads or pay-per-click (PPC) ads.

PPC ads are when, for example, google plays an ad for your law firm. Every time someone uses that ad and is redirected to your website, your law firm, or you, the solo attorney, must pay Google ( also known as CPC – cost-per-click)

While PPCs help significantly spread the word about your legal services in a short span of time, they are expensive. 

Only some people who click on your website are confirmed clients, and you must pay the ad company regardless.

There are more effective and promising ways for business development, and a solo law practice or solo practitioners should diversify their budget and explore other types of marketing,

Therefore, you can measure the change in results and plan your next legal marketing plan accordingly.

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6. Content Marketing

Potential clients need information about your law firm when they visit your website. Writing a blog post and solving consumer queries helps organically get more visitors to your website. 

A solo practitioner or a solo attorney must market their firm to a new audience to drive traffic and generate leads. Content marketing focusing on SEO is the best way to do that.

You also need to use the appropriate amount of images and videos you add to your blog posts to make the content more eye-catching and easier to understand.

7. Strong Connections

Word of mouth or network marketing has proven to be the most effective way to market your law practice.

When you become involved in your community and make contacts, it is easier for you to market your business. It will also help you create referral relationships with qualified leads.

As you interact with more people, more individuals will form opinions of you and likely recommend you to their family or friends.

8. Measure Your Results

Part of business development is understanding how well you do in certain aspects and campaigns.

You need to do a cost-benefit analysis of your content and its results every couple of weeks to see how well you are doing.

Especially for solo practitioners, they need to give an excellent initial consultation and have positive feedback to build credibility and convert leads into long-term clients.

If you run an ad campaign, for example, on your social media accounts, you need to see if the number is increasing, decreasing, or remaining the same. 

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9. Solo Practitioners And Partnerships

Being a solo attorney, you are expected to do everything yourself.

However, this should not always be the case. 

When you connect with other larger firms’ attorneys, you can get them to collaborate with you and create a partnership.

Essentially, this is where you need to work smarter.


In conclusion, the blog revolves around the nine strategies that should be used to market your practice effectively.

These nine strategies are the following: create an engaging and focused website, optimize your search engines to the best of your abilities, make reliable and running social media accounts, send out marketing emails on a regular basis, smartly use paid ads or pay-per-click ads, well-written blog posts for effective content writing, make strong connections to be able to rely on someone for the future, measure your results often so you can change strategies according to need, and try to collaborate and partner up with other solo attorneys.

Marketing your firm can be extremely challenging sometimes, but focusing on the correct methods to boost your social media reviews and make a name in the industry can help your numbers increase significantly.

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