Facebook Advertising For Lawyers in 2023

Social media marketing strategy is one of the most common means of marketing today.

In fact, 86.3% of the U.S businesses uses Facebook advertising as means of their marketing strategy.

In this article, you’ll learn why we should use Facebook advertising for law firms and we talk in-depth about the strategies that can be used to market your law firm through Facebook advertising.

Why Should Lawyers Use Facebook?

Using a social media platform, especially Facebook, increases your reach significantly and helps bring in more potential clients.

Facebook has ranked as the most-used social media platform, due to which Facebook marketing has become a common practice today.

Using Facebook ads to market your law firm, as most law firms do, can help bring in new clients and build a brand identity.

All generations use Facebook, be it college students, the working class, or the retired class.

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Strategies For Facebook Advertising For Law Firms

To create any sort of brand marketing strategy, you need to work smartly and understand your law firm’s ideal customer needs.

Some strategies to do Facebook advertising for your law firm are listed before:

Create Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page

If you want to put up a Facebook ad, you must create a Facebook page.

Having a Facebook page specifically to market your brand is essential and helps significantly.

Posting frequently on this Facebook business page will help reach potential customers and the right audience.

You can post the following things, in terms of legal content, on your Facebook page to boost your rankings:

1. Post helpful content that solves queries of your law firm’s ideal prospects. 

2. Reach out and get your audience insights on Facebook to connect with them on a personal level and get them to take action.

3. Host seminars, live sessions, short video content, and more to keep your followers engaged.

4. Show integrity and trustworthiness through your law firm profile and update them on the latest wins/ recovery claims.

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Plan Your Facebook Advertising Campaign

Like any other firm, you need to develop an effective marketing strategy before you start online marketing your law firm.

Planning how you want to go about things beforehand and what certain Facebook ads you wish to use for your target audience is essential.

First and foremost, you have to set a budget for your marketing.

Then, depending on the number of Facebook users and the need for the specific ad campaign, you must allocate your budget.

When coming up with a strategy for your ad campaign, you can use two methods:

  1. Traffic

This is when you get Facebook users to click on the link for your law firm’s website. It takes them to a landing page where they can easily reach you.


  1. Convert Visitors Or Conversions

Once you devise a campaign objective, Facebook optimizes these ads for the target audience.

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Facebook Ads Campaigns To Reach Target Audience

When running your ad campaigns, you need to know who to target.

Your law firm should focus on targeting the “in” or “hot” topics of the day and create ads based on that.

As opposed to other means of marketing, social media and Facebook makes it much easier because it finds their target audience when told the details.

You can use different methods and different targeting strategies. 

1. By Geo-Location

One of the easiest and simplest methods of marketing in the legal industry is to do it by geo-location.

You can see where your existing clientele is mainly based and try to find new clients there.

This way, you can generate leads and find interested parties easily. You can also address the upcoming events in that areas and find a way to market your legal practice.

2. By Job Title

Once a person fills in their job title, demographic targeting can be done.

Campaign objectives that are helpful to this working class will send a compelling call through Facebook and raise awareness amongst them.

This is especially important for employment law firms which can give a free consultation to those who need it.

3. By Facebook Activity

By seeing what activity the Facebook users have on their page, you can determine what they like and don’t like.

Based on this, you can target the audience with specific consumer-based legal services.

You can write particular posts on particular preferences of people to get more conversions.

4. By Lookalike Audiences

If you have specific old clients interested in your current website services, you can find other clients who are likely to have the same characteristics as them and target them.

For example, if something is “in” among the young generation and the young adults are interested in your ads, showing them to other young adults might help benefit your law firm.

Lookalike audiences can help increase your clientele significantly.

5. By Age

As the subheading probably gives away, you can market them according to the age of the population.

Knowing how to optimize ads according to age gap helps narrow your Facebook ads significantly and helps get a better CPC.(cost per click)

Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns

While each law firm has different ads manager and compelling ads, the quality of your ads campaign must be high, and your content should be engaging.

Your content should be unique, and you shouldn’t ad copy which could be considered a legal offense.

Landing pages are essential for social proof. You can create different landing pages, for example, one that leads you to information about a divorce lawyer or takes you to a free ebook.

You need to market your website thoroughly to focus on generating leads rather than just wasting your budget.

You use Facebook’s ad manager when creating your Facebook ads and deciding whether they are as effective as you want.

Your Facebook ads work best if you consider and do the following things:

  1. Language

Use the language they prefer to read your blog in or see your video content.

  1. Tone

Use a tone that would appeal to them. In short, don’t be too harsh with your words. Use a soft, engaging, and persuasive tone.

  1. Engagement

What kind of content is the audience looking for, what would they like to see, and what would they likely react positively to compared to what they wouldn’t? 

Not only this, but your ads should also be a reflection of your brand and be able to represent it correctly. You should make sure to cover the following things when creating your lead ads:

Your Brands Identity

The first and most important thing is to be able to convey your brand identity in your ads, all the while maintaining it.

It should use the same designs you have used consistently over time so potential customers can recognize your firm.

The Tone You Use

The tone you use on one social media account should be the same for your other social media accounts.

It is vital to maintain a tone to show consistency. It is also essential because it helps to market your brand in one similar way.

The Message You Give

Your message should be strong and line up with your firm’s values.

Also, if your firm supports different causes like LGBTQ+, it should be clear on its stance.

What Do They Get Out Of It?

You must ensure that your clients or future clients benefit from your ads. If they don’t get anything out of it, there is no point in watching it, and there’s a high chance they won’t come back to your page to review it.

Also, your ads should aim to answer their queries and address their problems.

Call To Action

You must ensure that your ad has some kind of call to action.

 It can be a landing page or a document they download from it, anything that could increase your firm’s name.

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Create Video Ads For Facebook

As you can probably see, more than images, Facebook ads consist of videos.

A video ad campaign is when you create a small video centered around your business page, blog post, or generally Facebook advertising.

Many law firms now use this technique to market their law firms’ websites on social media.

Video marketing is considered better and more accessible because it’s engaging, eye-catching, and spreads awareness.

Make Them Device Friendly – Optimize For Mobile Devices For Facebook Ads

All advertising is now kept mobile-friendly because the world runs on your mobile device.

In fact, up to 91% of the world’s population use phones in 2022.

Therefore, you must make the Facebook ads as mobile-friendly as possible.

Do A Split Test For Facebook Ads

A split test is when you compare two Facebook ads for lawyers to analyze which ad is doing better.

The one that produces the better result is the one that you decide to go with.

This is also known as A/B testing.

Consistently doing A/B testing can help prioritize the user’s experience and improve the overall ratings of the website.

You can decide which performs better and use it to create an ideal Facebook ad.

Call To Action

A call to actually is when you ask the reader or potential clients to click on a link in one of the Facebook ads.

This click will take you to the landing pages that will increase your website visitors and the rankings of your website.

Calculating the number of people redirected to the landing page and the ones that put in time displays how effective your ad copy is.

This helps calculate the active clients that are interested in the content that your law firm posts.

It is essential to have a call to action when you create ads for your Facebook page for law firm advertising.

You need a catchy and attention-grabbing tag that compels new clients to click on it and get redirected to your website.

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Measure Your Results And Reflect

When creating any Facebook business page, you must ensure that you fulfill what your users expect.

You need to see their reactions to your blog post and Facebook ads.

Essentially, whenever you create Facebook ads, you should see the response you get to it and change your Facebook ad according to what the clients need.

You can make them guaranteed clients by meeting the potential clients’ demands.

By gathering the data from your Facebook ads for lawyers, you can measure and analyze what works better with which generation and act on your brand accordingly.


Like any other Facebook business, Facebook marketing for law firms can get tricky sometimes.

However, dealing with it the right way with the correct strategies can help market your law firm better.

Different strategies that a law firm can use to do Facebook marketing efficiently, in terms of Facebook ads, are:

  1. Create Your Law Firm’s Facebook Page
  2. Plan Your Facebook Advertising Campaign
  3. Campaigns To Reach Target Audience
  4. Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns
  5. Create Video Ads
  6. Make Them Device Friendly – Optimize For Mobile Devices
  7. Call To Action
  8. Measure Your Results And Reflect

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