Family Law Advertising

Family law is susceptible and, most of the time, a very emotional topic. Dealing with it can be challenging and complicated. In this blog, we talk about how a family law firm can market itself better digitally. 

What Is Family Law?

As the name suggests, family law is about dealing with any problems that a family might face.

Family law is a vast topic, ranging from divorces or child support and custody to domestic violence. Being a family law attorney can get very difficult. You must be strong and in control of yourself to deal with such a sensitive topic.

Why Are Family Law Firms Essential?

As talked about before, family law can get very complicated and intricate. Family lawyers might also sometimes find it extremely difficult to deal with such problems. Since it hits so close to home, you will likely get many more clients if you have reasonable marketing efforts and past clients.

In an industry like family law, word of mouth is the most effective marketing strategy to reach your target clients.

However, depending on word of mouth is not the safest option, so google ads, search engine optimization, free marketing consultation, and well-maintained social media accounts are equally essential strategies to market your law firm or family lawyer.

There are multiple ways to market your family law firm. A few of those are mentioned below.

Social Media Marketing For Family Law Firm

When creating social media accounts, you need to know where you could market your law firm better.

Which social media platforms your existing clients prefer and which one would help you gain prospective clients are essential questions that you need to address.

Being on every social media platform is not the goal; instead, staying on top of mind and posting relevant information is the goal.

Also, it would be best if you did networking in multiple circles. Having a profile on LinkedIn is essential to reach business-oriented clients, while other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are essential to reach a broader client base.

Together, you will be able to get your target audience.

In short, social media marketing has two significant aspects:

1. Deciding where to market your law firm

2. Sharing information that is relevant to your target audience

When you decide on how to market your law firm, you must ensure that your website is one of the first few on the search engine results pages.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) For Family Law Firms

To rank higher on the search engines page for your family law firm and get relevant traffic to your website, you should answer queries for family law clients.

Your SEO strategies depend on how well you can display your family law services. This helps in attracting clients and increases your website visitors significantly.

A couple of ways to optimize your search engines better are as follows:

1. Actively Replying to Queries

When website visitors have questions, they tend to be satisfied with the law firm with the most active and frequent replies.

Opening your website to communication and making it interactive helps bring in new clients.

2. Informational Blogging

When writing blogs, especially on family law, answer as many queries as possible from the local search.

Every well-answered question lures a website visitor, and every website visitor is a potential client.

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3. Highlight Your Niche And Offer Different Resources

When potential clients are looking for which family law firm to hire, they tend to do their research before they reach out to avail of your legal services.

When they browse through your website, your aim should be to show them why your family law firm is different than other family law firms.

Telling them about cases you’ve handled of previously satisfied clients helps them better understand your family law. Not only this but offering to help them out in situations other family law firms have rejected to do also helps bring in prospective clients.

Many lawyers only help out if they are paying clients. As a better marketing idea, your aim should be to help potential clients by providing them with articles and resources that can help them without asking for help.

This increases their chances of reaching out and asking you to be their family lawyer.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

It will help if you decide on how to market your law firm effectively. You need to determine how much your marketing budget should be.

Once you do this, you can choose how many marketing campaigns you should carry out.

You can further split this budget into how much you want to put into video marketing and how much you should put into paid advertising.

An example of paid advertising can be google ads. You ask an advertising company to put up an advertisement for your family law firm.

Every time someone sees this ad and clicks on it to get redirected to your website, you have to pay an amount to Google. Picking out keywords that have a high user intent and low cost per click is extremely important,

Be Present At Community Events

Word of mouth and being present in community events is essential when you want to market family law effectively.

By sponsoring actual events, your family law firm can easily make it to the spotlight. Doing this can gain valuable backlinks by being on multiple marketing channels for your website.

You can make a name for yourself by attending these events and discussing issues that matter to you and your potential clients. You can provide your contact details and do your professional services marketing. 

Email Marketing Ideas For Family Law Firms

Email marketing is just as important. Not all your potential clients are on social media, and regardless of that, they need to be able to reach you.

Your family law firm must have an official email where more paying clients can contact you and talk to you about their cases revolving around family law.

Email marketing doesn’t necessarily mean online emails; it can mean anything from newsletters to questionnaires and informal interviews.

Not only this, you can carry out email marketing campaigns as well. You can do video marketing by creating informational videos and sending them to all potential clients via email. These usually encourage customers to avail the legal services of the law firms.

When creating your website, make sure to put your contact details, like your mailing address, on it, so a potential client can easily find you.

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Live Chat For Family Law Firm Website

Live chat has become the new normal.

Because of the covid-19 phase we all went through, online schooling and work-from-home is the new norm. Everyone eventually adapted to attending classes and conducting interviews online. 

Having a customer support department that is always ready to answer any queries or questions that the customers may have is an integral part of bringing in clients. Being readily available is something the world of today is looking for. 

User-Friendly Website

When you put into the search engine “google my business,” what you see should be user-friendly. Your platform should look welcoming and not too much too soon.

It shouldn’t be filled with images but kept to the right amount. Therefore, it shouldn’t be bland and colourless, but it also shouldn’t have too much colour that draws the visitor’s attention elsewhere.

It should be easy to make your way around the website and for customers to find what they’re looking for. 

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FAQs About Legal Marketing

Is Social Media Marketing Essential to Effectively Market My Family Law Practice?

Social media presence is an integral part of running any kind of firm. You should always be involved in the industry and understand what your customers want.

Having your family law firm present on social media can help generate leads and increase your potential clients.

In a competitive space like what we live in, it is crucial to always be on top and present to promote law firms.

What Social Media Platforms Are Best For Marketing My Family Law Firm?

Creating an online website to sell your family law firm is a critical step in planning your marketing strategy. Branding and marketing your law firm on your website helps build a name for your firm.

Your marketing efforts can be clearly seen when you “google my business.”

Besides this, LinkedIn is one of the leading business-oriented platforms to be made. You can find many potential clients here looking for a family law lawyer.

We at A & F help Law firms market better by leveraging social media. Book a free consultation today.

Why is Optimizing Your Search Engines an Essential Part of Your Marketing Ideas?

How well you optimize your SEO is how visit-prone you make your website. What this means is that if someone enters “solo divorce attorney” or “divorce lawyers” on google search engines, how well you’ve used that on your website is how likely your website will make it to the first page of the results page.

In simpler words, using words that you think your potential clients will enter is how your website will gain more organic traffic.

Are Blogs Essential For Family Law Firms?

Blogs are an excellent way to share your information or knowledge with clients without asking for it directly.

Blogs require you to think and do research. A blog that contains all information in one place is automatically easier for potential clients. This helps to bring in clients.

How Many Blogs Should I Write in One Month?

There isn’t a specific number of blogs that you should post on your website. More posting will lead to higher engagement with clients. More engagement shows interest and brings in more paying clients.

Keyword Ideas For Family Law Attorneys

Family law can be of many different types. A few keywords examples to help plan a content strategy are following:

1. Child Custody/Child support

Child support and child custody are just as essential as they are challenging to deal with.

Dealing with the well-being of a child is a challenge in itself. When parents get separated, a child custody lawyer is usually used to fight for who gets the custody.

Child support is usually about who has to finance the child and their needs usually. This support is generally for the parent that does not get custody.

Here are some keyword ideas around child custody. Suppose your family law firm is based in California.

You could target FAQs around the subject: 

  1. ‘ child custody laws in California’
  2. ‘who gets child custody in California after divorce?’
  3. ‘ how much does it cost to file a child custody case in California  

2. Contested/Uncontested Divorce

Being a divorce lawyer can be exceptionally tricky. The divorce process in itself is a hassle. There are two kinds of divorces. One is a contested divorce, and the other is an uncontested divorce.

A contested divorce is one whereby neither of the sides is ready to reach a middle ground to agree on, requiring a third person to make that decision for them. These divorces are usually messy and get brutal.

The other is an uncontested divorce whereby both sides have reached an agreement and need to get it done with. These divorces tend to be hassle-free and run relatively smoothly.

You could target your FAQs around these subjects:

  1. “How much do divorce attorneys cost in Los Angeles?”
  2. “Divorce law firms in New York”
  3. “Divorce Laws in the United States”

3. Prenuptial Agreements

Prenuptial agreements are contracts that are signed before two people get married.

In case of a divorce, the attorney can read this contract, and the divorce process is done relatively smoothly.

Your FAQs could be targeted on the following subjects:

  1. “Prenuptial laws in America”
  2. “How much do prenuptial attorneys cost in California”
  3. ” Marriage attorneys in New York”

4. Property Division

Division of property is not specific to divorced parties. Any family law attorney can take this on because if the deceased doesn’t have a written will, it can cause problems in the division of property.

However, divorced lawyers also tend to face this issue. For them, it can be of two types, marital property, and separate property.

Marital property is the property that the parties divided during their marriage, while separate property is any property that either side had before the wedding.

Your FAQs could be centered around the following:

  1. “Property division laws in the US”
  2. “How much do property division attorneys cost in Los Angeles?”
  3. “Property Divison Law Firms near me”

5. Mediation And Collaborative Law

Family lawyers have to do mediation law whereby they need a third person to decide what’s best for them and solve their issues because they cannot do so themselves.

Collaborative law, as the name shows, is where the parties work to solve their issues and try to keep them outside of court.

You can search for FAQs like the following:

  1. “Mediation Laws in the United States”
  2. “Collaborative Lawyers in Texas”
  3. “How much do mediation and collaborative lawyers cost in Newyork?”

6. Adoption

Child Adoption is when someone becomes the legal guardian of a minor.

It comes with many complications and emotions and requires a lot of patience from the family lawyer, parents, legal guardians, and especially the child.

Addressing FAQs as the following would help:

  1. “How long is the adoption process in America?”
  2. “How much does an adoption agency cost?”
  3. “Child adoption in California”

7. Spousal Support

This is when two parties get divorced, and one party is required to finance the other.

FAQs could be like the following:

  1. “Spousal support in California”
  2. “Laws of spousal support in America”
  3. “How much does spousal support cost in New York?”


By implementing good marketing strategies and making your website more SEO prone, you can realize how powerful online marketing can be.

For working in such a sensitive and emotional environment and industry as family law, you need to be able to empathize with your client. You need to be able to connect with a client to have good reviews.

While it takes time, as every other process does, it has proved to be an up-and-coming method to increase sales for family lawyers, such as divorce attorneys.

To conclude, online marketing is a mixture of multiple marketing ideas:

1. Social Media Marketing

2. SEO

3. Pay-per-click advertising

4. Being Present at community events

5. Email marketing

6. Live Chatting

7. User-Friendly Website

Book a free consultation with A & F Legal Marketing today.