Digital Marketing For Law Firms


Digital marketing, in contemporary times, is the most promising marketing strategy due to the competitive market across every industry, including marketing for law firms.

Instead of marketing for lawyers by word of mouth, digitally advertising your law firms and lawyers online tend to help get your services across to your target audience effectively, resulting in more potential clients.

Below, you can find why lawyers need digital marketing, what are the best digital marketing strategies, how lawyers can do better online marketing, and how to measure the success of your digital marketing strategies.

What Is Digital Marketing For Lawyers?

In the simplest of words, digital marketing for lawyers means marketing your legal services online. You share your content online, and with every search result, you have potential clients visiting your website.

By making your content rich and interesting, you can turn those visitors into customers for your law firm,

Digital marketing is also effective for lawyers who are just starting off and need better ways to spread their work rather than just relying on word of mouth. This helps you build your brand and reach more people by just putting your work on the internet.

Law Firm Digital Marketing Strategies

In order to get more clients, you need to develop a perfect digital marketing strategy for your law firm to stand out from your competitors.

To better your online reputation and make your law firm stand out from other law firms, we have created a list of essential digital marketing strategies for law firms below.

Digital Advertising For Law Firms



While online marketing can be challenging, the most basic and important step to implement is to run a google ad campaign by targeting low cost-per-click keywords.

Leveraging and exploring other social media paid ads to reach your target audience and close more clients is critical to any law firm’s long-term marketing strategy.

This not only helps with getting quicker search results but also helps in improving and boosting your brand’s awareness.

First and foremost, you need to figure out who you want to target. For different audiences, you will need different strategies. Who you want to target is how your entire strategy needs to be planned.

For example, if your previous client base has found you by your Facebook profile, then you need to work more on that, or if you decide to work on more criminal cases, then your target audience needs to be those people, specifically.

Once you have decided on this, you can work on making your advertisements more attention-grabbing by creating a tailored approach for your ideal clientele group.

Just having your law firm’s presence online is not going to do the job; you need to make proper content marketing efforts to help increase your reach. These search ads should be about your own law firm website so that prospective clients can find you.

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Well-Maintained Social Media Platforms

With globalization and the technological enhancement in today’s time, you need to be highly tech-savvy, especially to be able to handle social media marketing. There are multiple platforms where you can showcase your brand to gain followers and new clients.

Having better social media can get you more likes and better reviews. Most of today’s generation relies on online reviews and ratings. They look at the number of likes and followers and reach out to you on the basis of that.

1. LinkedIn

The most important platform for internet marketing and legal professionals is LinkedIn. This is a platform that is made solely for workplace professionals. LinkedIn has many local businesses and helps attract clients.

This platform is also home to many successful businesses with many positive reviews. Lawyers from many law firms make professional profiles on this, which acts as a CV and help generate more inbound leads if you actively share area-specific knowledge.

LinkedIn has 810 Million members. This number seems like a lot, but if you read further on, you’ll realize that compared to Facebook and Instagram, this isn’t enough. Although, as you can see on the site itself, the 810 million people that are on it are the focused business audience that goes a long way, with the correct data, of course.

2. Facebook

Another one of these platforms, and in fact the most prominent platform available, is Facebook. Facebook is known to have the highest number of active users, with 2.9 Billion users. While it is used for many other reasons, it is considered an excellent website for advertisement and gaining more potential clients.

With the right target keywords, you can reach thousands of people of all ages, as this is one of the only social media platforms that have people from all age groups from all around the world, not just the United States. You can market your law firm and get reviews.

Besides this, Facebook is a very interactive platform where you can ask questions and converse with potential customers seeking legal advice and help in different group chats.

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3. Instagram

Instagram is one of the most “in” platforms in contemporary times. 1.4 Billion of the world’s population are active users of Instagram. Digital marketing for law firms can be done on many platforms, but many businesses are advancing because of their advertisement on Instagram specifically.

The search results of Instagram are so on point and their algorithm, just like Facebook, is one of the most advanced ones. You can see the number of positive online reviews on Instagram based on the number of followers they have and by their paid advertising.

Instagram is engaging and helps these ads catch your eye instantly, ultimately helping increase potential clients. Also, Instagram pages are easy to navigate, making them all the more friendly.

Instagram can be a great way to get new leads if your area of law is B2C, for instance, immigration law, personal injury, and family law.

4. TikTok and YouTube

Lastly, digital marketing can be done through TikTok or YouTube. YouTube has a reach of about 2.2 Billion, while TikTok has a reach of about 1.0 Billion. While these two may not come to mind immediately when thinking of digital marketing for law firms, especially TikTok, these are growing platforms where you can make and post short videos advertising your law firm.

This is an excellent digital marketing strategy as it helps spread the word to a much larger audience. TikTok and YouTube can be leveraged by converting your existing or new blogs into short 60-second reels specifically targeted toward your audience.

Who you want to target helps you decide where you should create and spread the word about your social media account. For example, if the audience you plan on targeting is more active on Instagram, then you need to keep your Instagram account more engaging than the rest.

How much you want to post is also dependent on the audience. You need to post enough to grab the users’ attention but not so much that it gets annoying.

How many followers and likes you get depends on how engaging and well your brand is marketed on social media.

Search Engine Optimization For Law Firms

Search engine optimization, more commonly known as “SEO,” is a way of increasing the quality of the content you’re writing and using keywords that help make your website more easily accessible, leading to more organic traffic.

If the content you write is relevant and addresses more queries, it is likely to be ranked higher by search engines.

Just increasing the quantity of your content is not the answer if your content doesn’t have organic search results. If your website is lower on the search engine results pages, then the likelihood of someone accessing your website will be pretty low.

If your web page doesn’t rank on the first page of google searches when doing online searches with keywords typed by your targeted clientele, you are losing thousands of dollars.

For example, if you are an immigration lawyer in Texas, ranking for  “immigration lawyers in Texas,”,” Best immigration lawyers near me,” or “filing for a green card in Texas’’ are some essential terms to rank”.

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I think we’ve all heard the phrase, “less is always more.” What this means is, as the name suggests, that greater quality always is better than greater quantity.

What you say or write should be impactful and not lengthy just for the sake of it. It should be attention-grabbing and must solve all the questions your visitor is looking for.

Also, what you write should be simple. Excessive legal jargon, terminologies, and more words don’t necessarily mean your blog is of a higher quality. In fact, it is more difficult to read into and might be the sole reason for a potential reader not converting into a client.

Today’s generation skims through the articles and stops to see if they find what they are looking for. Which is why what you are putting on the screen shouldn’t be too fancy or long but instead should be kept simple and short.

This can be used as a marketing tool to make your website better and easy to read. This is also why digital marketing generally uses small phrases and tag lines to grab the reader’s attention, which is much more efficient than rambling on for a couple of thousand words.

Email Marketing Campaigns For Law Firms

Email marketing, as the name suggests, is when any brand sends a commercial email as a marketing strategy for its brand. These emails can include ads, requests, tips, or answers to FAQs.

Because not all people are on social media, it is essential to carry out email marketing campaigns so that you can reach a wider audience. By acquiring this marketing strategy, we can attract many potential clients and quality leads. These online strategies help significantly in digital marketing, especially for law firms.

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How Can Lawyers Do Better Digital Marketing?

Different and innovative online marketing strategy is the key to get potential clients. You need to make online marketing efforts to present your brand better and ensure your law firm makes it to the legal directories. The ways to do this are:

  1. Acquire a digital marketing strategy and create a professional law firm website.
  2. Use local SEO strategies and SEO tools to make quality content.
  3. Market your legal services on your website to gain new clients.
  4. Keep your website interactive.

How To Measure The Success Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy Of Your Law Firm?

When making a website, you must constantly keep up with the content and the new queries and problems people address. If your website answers the questions they are searching for, you are more likely to grow organically and turn your potential clients into customers.

If your daily statistics show that your website visitors are decreasing in number, hire a legal marketing strategist to help you out. Check out how we can help.

You can measure the success of your law firm in the following ways:

  1. Track your organic growth through quantitive analysis. (Google Search Console can be used)
  2. Is the content you’ve written ranking on specific keywords?
  3. Are you turning your visitors into customers?


While the internet is constantly changing, you must make different strategies and adjust your content according to your target audience. By doing better law firm digital marketing of your brand, you will be able to run your business and get more potential clients successfully.